Cyber Risk Threatens Privacy, Critical Infrastructure

Cyber Risk Threatens Privacy, Critical Infrastructure

July 6, 2018 Business Insurance and Risk Management, The Beacon Blog 0 Comments

A new research report by Black Hat USA, Where Cyberscurity Stands, should set off alarms about security risks. The report’s findings are outlined in a 6/26/18 news release (…).

  • 74% of security professionals suggest online privacy and identity will be impossible to protect, even with precautionary measures and new regulations (in addition to European GDPR, California now has a stricter data protection law).
  • 75% of professionals are limiting their Facebook use or avoiding it entirely.
  • On a national level, only 13% believe Congress and the White House understand cyber security threats, and only  15% believe the government and industry are prepared to respond to a major critical infrastructure breach. (According to cyber security executive Tarah Wheeler, the next 9/11 will be a cyber attack.) 71% say activity from Russia, China and North Korea has made U.S. data less secure. in 2017 60% of professionals expected a successful attack on on U.S. critical infrastructure, and that percentage has risen in 2018. The most likely actors are Russia and China. (Will the trade war with China lead to a cyber war? Stay tuned.)
  • In the U. S., Europe and Asia nearly 60% of organizations expect a major security breach in the next year, and most do not believe they have adequate staffing or budget.
  • The only effective technologies against cyber threats are encryption, multifactor authentication and firewalls. Nearly 40% of respondents consider passwords ineffective.

While we should invest in cyber security and purchase cyber insurance as a backup, we must realize our best efforts may not prevent a crisis.

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