A Cyber Security Guide For Laypeople

A Cyber Security Guide For Laypeople

May 16, 2019 The Beacon Blog, Uncategorized 0 Comments

The peerlyst.com website is usually filled with technical discussions. However a recent contributor Kim Crawley posted a guide aimed at laypeople which is worth sharing. (Warning: although the post at https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/a-consumer-endpoint-security-guide-for-laypeople-kimberly-crawley is worth reading for its links for more information, it also includes personal experience of the author which should be skipped.)

In summary, here are the guidelines:

  • Passwords: no matter how often it’s emphasized, it cannot be stressed too much that passwords must be strong and customized. Use something personal but not based on your online information and use a mix of letters, numbers and other characters. There are password managers online that generate strong passwords and store them. Never share a password.
  • Two factor authentication: since password breaches are a matter of “when, not if” using a second factor will make it more difficult to break into an account. Most internet services will have links to set this up.
  • If you have a mobile device or iPhone, set up an application to find and remotely lock it if it is lost.
  • Use an antivirus service for all your devices.
  • Get automatic updates for all systems.

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