What Are The Most Overlooked Cyber Threats?

What Are The Most Overlooked Cyber Threats?

September 12, 2019 Business Insurance and Risk Management, The Beacon Blog 0 Comments

Business consultant Chester Avey has posted a list of seven common cybersecurity issues that many businesses overlook. The post is at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chester-avey-2bb540176/; summary from Cyber Security Intelligence website.

  1. Business email compromise: this is harder to spot than a standard phishing attack because attackers access legitimate accounts and use them for fraudulent requests.
  2. Cryptojacking: using computer systems to mine for cryptocurrencies. This is hard to detect because operations are slowed but not disrupted. According to a McAfee study, coin mining malware samples grew by 414% in the four quarters ending 1st quarter 2019.
  3. Shortage of cybersecurity experts. By 2021 it is estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity positions will be unfilled. 63% of companies do not provide adequate cybersecurity training (http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/news/252463186/Effects-of-cybersecurity-skills-shortage-worsening-new-study-says).
  4. Effects of cyber breaches on company reputation and public perception.
  5. Formjacking: the “virtual equivalent of cash point skimming” in which hackers insert code into an e-commerce site to read users’ personal information. This is difficult to detect and provides large amounts of information to the hacker.
  6. Cyber fatigue: about 30% of chief information security officers feel overwhelmed by their responsibility (https://www.cybersecurityintelligence.com/blog/professionals-say-network-security-is-getting-harder-4398.html) and this also affects IT staff members.
  7. The Internet of Things: there will be an estimated 27.1 billion connected devices by 2021, and every one is a potential weak point for a cyber attack. IoT malware grew by 154% in the four quarters ending 1st quarter 2019, according to McAfee.

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