Business & Personal Risk Management

Our Process

The Beacon Group of Companies specializes in partnering with your organization to develop and implement engineered insurance, loss prevention and risk management solutions designed to assist you in reducing your Total Cost of Risk and maximize your bottom line profitability. From Risk and Exposure Assessments to Business Transition Plans, we serve all of our clients by securing tailored and competitive insurance programs improve workplace safety and enhanced profitability.

We help your business or organization accomplish this by following our unique, client centric approach:

1) Analysis, Identification and Assessment – Utilizing a holistic approach, we thoroughly analyze your direct and indirect exposures to loss as well as your current loss prevention and risk management programs as part of a comprehensive discovery process designed to identify the best approach to ensure that your business assets are properly protected.

2) Collaborative Establishment of Goals and Objectives – Prior to approaching insurance carriers and service providers, we work with you and your Risk Management team to confirm the mutual goals and objectives to guarantee that the solutions we seek on your behalf will allow you to measure, monitor and manage in the most cost-effective manner possible.

3) Insurance Program Design and Development – Based on the particular risk exposures you have/may have to lose, we design a comprehensive program approach to ensure that the proper insurance program design, loss prevention and risk management services have been properly identified to help you drive down your TCOR.

4) Implementation – Having designed the risk-management program, we negotiate the best possible terms, conditions and pricing available in the market.

5) Continuation – As markets and risks change, we adapt the program design and implementation accordingly, while keeping you informed of the changes.

We are committed to helping our clients realize the most considerable benefits possible through active loss prevention or control, careful insurer selection, and optimized program design.

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