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Keeping Your Plan Data Safe

Cybersecurity is a critical but often overlooked aspect of a plan sponsor’s fiduciary responsibility. In simple terms, cybersecurity means protecting sensitive plan and participant data against attacks from hackers and cyber criminals.
This Plan Sponsor Guide outlines some key questions you should be asking your 401(k) service providers about cybersecurity.

5 Employment Law Trends Business Owners Must Know

Each year, new laws are passed at the federal, state, and local levels of government that all employers must comply with, or face fines, lawsuits, and/or other penalties. Additionally, existing laws are routinely amended, creating even more compliance challenges for business owners to keep up with.

To help you better understand some of the biggest trends in employment legislation and compliance, we put together this E-Book that highlights 5 topics all business owners must know.

8 Steps Towards Managing a More Compliant 401(k) Plan

Many HR professionals and plan sponsors aren’t holding their plan to high enough standards, as is evident by the slew of 401(k) lawsuits we’ve seen over the years. That’s why we developed this white paper loaded with eight helpful steps to guide you towards managing a more compliant 401(k) plan.

The Perfect Storm for America's Retirement Plans

This eBook addresses the historical root of the problem; including fee disclosure and the blurred lines between two types of advisors, as well as new Department of Labor (DOL) regulations mandating notice to plan participants and beneficiaries.